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Our Impact

Carlos Enrique Rivera's legacy of community involvement continues to inspire the family's commitment to supporting important projects for the municipality, including the founding of La Gaitana School and the "Carlos Enrique Rivera Orozco" Library and the "Romelia Hernandez" old people's home.

The family takes pride in their heritage and values education, passing down their community leadership from generation to generation.

Our Sustainability

• During the coffee processing we do not use artificial fertilizers.

• We are focus on quality and not on quantity. 

Our Quality

• Our team of Q-Graders evaluate coffee using a standardized cupping protocol and work closely with growers to ensure best practices are implemented for processing and preserving bean quality. This includes careful harvesting, sorting, and drying techniques. Our coffees + 85 points on SCA Score (Excellent).


• The excellent cup profiles are the results of the development of sugar taking to into account the high elevation altitude. Also all ripped cherries are picked by hand and extended fermentation process to create a great sweetness.

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